Lucy McAllister is among the finest Criminal and Family Law Attorneys in America.

Lee E., Bail Agent, Owner | Big Lee Bail Bonds

I represented the seller of the house that Lucy lives in and since she practically represented herself, I got to know her as if she were our client as well. She has a great personality and demeanor, and although I’ve never had to hire her (yet) in her specialties of family law and criminal law, I would certainly consider her or recommend her to my clients, as most of the attorneys that I know that do family law are male and may not always be the best fit for our clients.

Dave L., Residential & Residential Income Real Estate Consultant | Pacific Union

I came to Lucy with a family law case after being railroaded under the counsel of another attorney. She completely turned my case around in my favor. She is brilliant and quick on her feet in the courtroom. A fantastic trial attorney whom I felt really believed in me and fought hard for my children’s best interests. I highly recommend her if you need a strong, confident, and knowledgeable attorney!

Julie B | San Francisco CA

I cannot say enough about the determination and strength of Lucy McAllister.   I was referred by a friend who Lucy represented in a similar marital situation with Children and what seemed an endless emotional attack.  She and her staff were readily available in the midst of the most painful situation of my life.   She referred me to a great counselor to help me thru my issues so I could help my Children.   She and her staff walked me thru the court process and assisted with the unending documents which at the direction of my x became a twisted pile of demands and accusations.   I had little expectations but in the end came out with peace of mind I had lost in my marriage.   At first I thought Lucy was a little demanding asking for more information and details and conversations but in the end her experience came thru & all the work was worth the result.  I researched various attorneys and in the end the $ was always the same.

I chose Lucy not only because of my friends experience with her and her team but because she was confident in herself and her staff.  She was pretty clear about how the court would see my situation and how they would file my case.  I signed an agreement and expected to pay more.  She let me know when I was having a difficult time and calling and emailing and reply to my x’s claims and my Children’s needs I would see a balance due eventually.  I received my initial invoice which was vast but it was exactly what I expected except I did see courtesy waived time when she and her staff were doing double the work as my x consistently sabotaged our agreements.  I have referred her and will continue to do so.

Tiffany L. | San Jose CA

I had a court case against my ex-wife who had been living in our jointly owned property in the Silicon Valley for more than 20 years. Over a period of 15 years, I have made three attempts to try to convince my ex-wife to sell the property. Each time, I failed to get her cooperation. Feeling desperate, I consulted a very expensive real estate lawyer who advised me that I could get the Court to order an auction. It could be a drawn out process and the estimated legal fee was at least $100K. A real estate agent recommended Ms. Lucy McAllister who specializes in family law. On the first consultation, Lucy felt optimistic about the outcome of the case and provided an estimate of $10K max in settling the case.

Lucy’s strategy was to bypass the process of selling the house altogether. She proposed suing my ex for “contempt of court” for opposing the provisions in our divorce decree which gave me the right to sell the house. After my ex received the letter from Ms. Lucy McAllister and with the advice of her lawyer, she relented and instead proposed to buy me out at a fair price with cash in a private transaction. I quickly agreed. The end result was a win-win whereby we both saved a lot of money in sale commission and legal fees. The sale was settled in about a month.

All of this was due to Ms. Lucy McAllister’s expertise in family law that helped me pick the right strategy. Had I gone on the suggestion of the real estate attorney, even if I were to win, I would lose because I would have received much less in the sale of the house through public auction, not to mention the prohibitive legal fees, and the waste of valuable time.

If any one were to think that both Ms. McAllister and I were just lucky, I must say luck had nothing to do with it. Before Ms. McAllister sent my ex-wife the letter, she had gone through weeks of intense and detailed preparatory work in such a manner that had my ex not responded within the one week courtesy period, we would have filed the papers with the court with all the necessary supporting documents and arguments that would build a bullet proof case. To me at least, it was not luck but the combined result of meticulous hard work and a superb legal mind.


I’m in my debt to Lucy and her staff. I’ve dealt with many attorneys my professional life. The personal issues in my life lead me to require a family attorney. As all cases involving emotion and money my case is no different. I wanted an attorney who would not lead me down the path of years of litigation. I also wanted an attorney with experience and confidence. I found her. As a single father attempting to rebuild my life she gave me the insight I needed. She was in constant contact and provided status. It is up to me to make the decision to settle and end the current state of my case. I’ve been given all of my options and feel that Lucy has my best interest in hand. I would highly recommend The Law Office of Lucy McAllister.

Bernard D. | San Rafael CA