If you and your spouse have decided that the relationship simply no longer works, it is possible for both of you at a great cost saving to yourselves to be represented by one attorney. You both can peacefully agree as to how to divide all the marital assets and debts.

Our job at our Law Offices is to make sure that nothing is forgotten, no mistakes are made. Together, we can draft a document and or a contract to be filed with the Court called a Marriage Settlement Agreement. This is a contract by which both people come to the table, talk about what the community has, and how it should be divided up, what was yours before the marriage, what you would like to be yours after.

Examples of family law questions that might come up in mediation discussions include:

  • How do we determine the value of the house? If I paid the down payment, will I be able to get that back?
  • How would do we divide my 401K and his pension?
  • Should we keep our own retirement funds or divide everything equally?
  • What about all those credit card debts, is it enough if I just stop paying the card?
  • What about if we want to change the custody agreement for our children?

These types of questions we will sit together and discuss and craft a personal, individualized divorce agreement. The most important word is “agreement.” In the end, we will have all agreed.

Once everything is itemized, our office will draft all the legal documents, explain all the rules and ultimately file everything with the right court of law. We will also invite you to look into all the legal and other divorce-related resources we have to offer, to assist you down the new path you have created.