Vigorous Divorce Negotiation

vigorous negotiation

 Vigorous Divorce Negotiation in Family Law Cases

In some legal divorce cases, you may not be sure that you trust your husband or wife to be completely honest and or to be fair during your upcoming divorce proceedings. You don’t want to spend your life savings on a divorce, but you also realize that you cannot just look the other way. You want to start a new life without being taken advantage of, or later regret that gave in because you felt lost and powerless. You know that you both need to be represented by separate counsel, and you want someone sharp, compassionate, organized, and very knowledgeable on YOUR side. You want us to negotiate the best possible outcome but at the same time, you want this to be over as soon as possible.

Maybe you have children, you do not want them to be in the middle, but they need support. Your life style is going to change, you need as much financial and emotional support as possible. You need a strong negotiator, not just a good listener.

Maybe you thought you could save money in the beginning by going this alone, and you are very intelligent but it seems like you are just getting beaten up in Court. Why does the judge just keep siding with him/her? It is time to even the playing field!

These are all very good examples of how you might need us to assist you with more aggressive and vigorous legal negotiations as part of your divorce proceedings. We know California divorce law and family law and we know how to get you what you need to start your new life.