Powerful Divorce Litigation

powerful litigation

Powerful Divorce Litigation

For powerful divorce litigation and lawsuits, you need nothing but the best. An experienced trial lawyer who has been litigating and winning court cases for many years. Someone that has spent half of their life in a courtroom as both a trial lawyer and a judge and knows how just to win for you. A seasoned lawyer who isn’t intimidated by your spouse’s attorney. You need a lawyer who is a fighter and will NOT back down no matter what they say or do.

Divorce litigation occurs in a host of different situations:

  • Maybe they ran up the credit card bill and then ran out.
  • Maybe they have a small fortune you know they are hiding.
  • Maybe they have threatened you and you are afraid. Maybe you need a restraining order ASAP.
  • Maybe they have put your kids in the middle and your children NEED YOU!

If anything like this sounds familiar then you need the experienced litigation support of the Law Offices of Lucy McAllister. We have the legal skills, legal knowledge and inside knowledge of the judicial system. We are not fooled by opposing counsel litigation tricks.