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Legal Consultations for Family Law Issues

In order to better understand your unique family law situation and legal issues, we’ll spend quality time with you for an initial, confidential legal consultation, either in person or by phone.

To schedule a consultation about your divorce, child custody or other family law case, please call us at 408-947-5946 or 415-939-9396. Or email us at

We can answer any of your legal questions, we can find the right approach to employ in your specific situation. We can also help you understand how the legal system does and does not work with respect to family law issues.

Are you asking yourself any of these questions with regard to family law issues?
• I’m in a long term marriage, what are my rights in a divorce proceeding?
• I had high expectations about what I would get as part of my divorce. Not happening, now what?
• My children need to be protected…how fast can I get a custody order?
• My husband just walked out on me. I need legal support now!
• Do I need to get a job if I was a stay-at-home Mom/Dad?
• I have a paternity case. How do I take action to get child support?
• I’m dealing with domestic violence…should I call the police?
• How fast can I get a restraining order?
• How do I fight a restraining order I was just served?
• Grandparent visitation…can I get it? Can I prevent it?
• Prenuptial or post-nuptial agreements…do I need one?
• I have a prenup and am getting a divorce. What now?

Our family law practice is experienced in all facets of family law issues, potential judicial outcomes and successful legal strategies for representation of your legal rights. Through peaceful mediation, vigorous negotiation or powerful litigation we are here to help you with your family law situation.

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